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Bath Bomb Lavender

  • •Fill Your Tub: Fill your bath with warm water.

    •Unwrap the Bath Bomb: Remove it from its packaging.

    •Add the Bath Bomb: Gently place it in the water to enjoy the fizz, scents, and colors.

    •Relax and Soak: Step in, and let the essential oils and cosmetic clays nourish your skin during a 15-20 minute soak.

    •Rinse and Enjoy: Rinse off and enjoy the refreshed feeling.

    Important Notes:

    Store in a cool, dry place.Avoid contact with eyes.

  • Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Zea Mays Starch (Zea Mays Seed Flour), Cedrus Atlantica Bark Oil , , Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, Kaolin, Linalool, Red Clay ( Illite), Green Clay (Illite, Kaolin, Montmorillonite) Geraniol, Limonene, Lavandula angustifolia flower.

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